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2017 SWLL Wooden Bat Policy- Major/Minor Baseball  Levels of Play


  • Players will only be allowed to use wood bats during the Spring 2017 Regular Season.


  • The bat must meet the following Little League specifications :  It shall not be more than thirty-three (33) inches in length nor more than two and one-quarter (2¼) inches in diameter.


  • Bamboo Bats and Bats containing any composite materials will not be allowed. The bat must be 100% wood to be approved for use in all SWLL Clinics, Games and Practices.


  • Parents are not required  to purchase wood bats. SWLL will continue to provide wood bats for all Major and Minor League Teams and Players to be used in all Clinics, Games and Practices;



  • Parents may purchase any wood bat that meets Little League specifications and their son or daughter will be allowed to use in all SWLL Clinics, Games and Practices.


Gap to Gap Bat Company- G2G Wooden Bats


Contact:  Junior Rodriguez (Former SWLL Manager & Coach) 860-794-5194


DoveTail Bats- Available at All Pro Elite Training Center in South Windsor



Rally Bat, LLC


Personalized Custom Wood Game Bats


 * * * South Windsor Little League Special * * * *


Cost: $45 Cash or Check / $48 Credit Card



Sizes available are 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31.

We have a variety of colors and stains to choose from.

Engraving can be two lines of your choice



If you would like to order a bat,

please contact Joe Parlante at 860-416-5311 or